Delay mounting network drive at boot on Windows

When you have a network drive mapped as a drive (persistent), and you experience delay at windows boot time, there is a clever trick you can do to speed up the process, and have your location mounted on boot at the same time. The phenomenon appears when Windows tries to mount a drive before the network is ready (don't really know why they haven't thought of that, but my experience tells me that windows was always a bit problematic in networking). So here is the method:

First of all, disconnect your network drive (Go to My computer, right click to drive and select Disconnect from popup menu), then create a bat file somewhere, name it for example mount_it.bat, then open the file in your favorite text editor and add the content:

net use Z: \\\my_folder /user:username password /persistent:no  

replace Z: with the desired drive name, \\\my_folder with the actual network machine IP and folder, and username /password with the real username and password (if there is no such thing, you can leave these two parameters). Do not forget the /persistent:no parameter, to avoid the auto mount of the volume.

When you are done, save the file somewhere, and then add it to the Startmenu >> Startup folder (just create a shortcut to it and drag the shortcut to Startmenu >> Startup folder) ... voila, if everything done right, your machine should boot much faster now, and you should have your favorite network places auto-mounted @ startup.

If there are some network locations which are rarely used, or not available all the time, you can skip placing the item in Startup folder, and start the bat file manually, when needed...