10 Best Businesses To Start In 2021

10 Best Businesses To Start In 2021

One of the highest wealth-generating activities you can do is starting and running a business, so how do you know which business to start? Well, this post will help with that! It lists the best businesses to start in 2021.


1. Freelance writing

While it was fairly easy to get my foot in the door as a freelancer, I soon realized that I had no idea how to run a business. The most important thing I learned was this: if you want to make money as a freelancer, you need to learn how to identify and write about what people really want.

2. Social media consulting

Social media is, unquestionably, a growth industry. The last decade has seen a rapid expansion of the digital population and an exponential growth in the types of communication channels these people use to share information and get the word out about their brands.

A fast-growing market means there's a lot of money to be made. It also means that there are a great many people eager for someone to help them get involved in this growing field—but most of those people haven't yet realized that some formal training is required to do so effectively. If you're interested in getting into social media consulting as a career, you'll need to have experience working with others or have received formal training from an accredited provider before you can begin earning money from your time spent advising others on how best to utilize social media platforms.

Start making friends and contacts today by establishing yourself as someone who knows his or her way around social media sites and has experience delivering content for corporate clients; building up your portfolio will make sure prospective employers know what you can do when they're hiring.

3. House cleaning

A house cleaning business can be a great way to earn money, whether you're seeking full-time employment or just a part-time job. People are always in need of house cleaners, so someone looking for work will not have to search long. It is also possible for people to start their own cleaning business and become their own boss. However, it's important to note that a good house cleaner needs to be physically fit due to the amount of bending and lifting required in the job. A successful cleaner is also reliable enough not to get distracted while on the job by phones, the internet, or television.

4. Personal training

You’ve been working hard to lose the weight or build your muscle, why not help others reach their fitness goals?

Personal training is a great way to make money while helping others. But be careful: It’s important that you are both qualified and experienced to become a personal trainer. For example, if you want to start your own personal training business in the UK, you can expect to pay around £200-£400 for the Level 3 Personal Trainer course and exam alone.

For many countries, while there is no legally required certification in order to practice as a personal trainer, most gyms will require it from prospective trainers in order to get hired. In addition, those who have a qualification tend to charge more than those who don’t. These qualifications are available for various levels depending on where you live; for example in the United States some of these include ACSM Certified Personal Trainer (CPT), ACE Certified Personal Trainer (ACE CPT) and NASM Certified Personal Trainer (NASM CPT).

5. Online personal training

  • Why should you start this business?

With an online personal training business, you can work from anywhere. As long as you have a laptop, tablet or smartphone and access to the internet, you can train clients worldwide. This is a flexible way to make a living; it allows you to set your own hours, work around other commitments (whether that be caring for young children or studying for another degree), and enjoy the freedom of working by yourself without having to answer to a boss.

  • How do you get started?

You can start your online personal training business right away if you have the right qualifications in place. To become a trainer through the National Council on Strength & Fitness (NCSF), for example, all you need are five years' experience in the fitness industry and $249/year in membership fees. You may also need liability insurance if required by your state government; however, this is usually not more than $200/year and will cover any injuries sustained by your clients while using equipment at home that they purchased with your advice or recommendations. The only real expense here is getting set up with live video call software such as Skype or Zoom—but these are free so long as both parties have accounts created already!

Once again...I am trying out different tones because I don't know which one I like best yet!! Sorry!!!

6. Cooking by the piece

Via a site like EatWith, you can book a meal in someone's home. But with this business idea, you can offer the service of cooking meals for busy families, or tourists who are looking for local fare. If it works as planned, this business will set you up to not only make money but also enjoy your work time.

Before starting this business:

  • Be a good cook – this is kind of obvious! Make sure you can cook well and organize menus that are tasty and interesting to your customers.

  • Be organized – You need to be able to keep track of the food, equipment and supplies required for each meal.

  • Plan ahead – Know what you're going to cook at least one week in advance so you have time to gather all the supplies and ingredients needed for each meal. You’ll also need time to write down recipes if needed or make notes about what worked well or didn’t work so well last week when creating that menu.

7. In-home childcare

In-home childcare is a business model that allows parents to earn money while they're at work, and in many cases leaves them with more time for their children.

This type of childcare has been around for decades, but have become more popular over the last few years as more and more people realize the benefits of working from home.

In-home childcare gives you flexibility, freedom and control over your schedule, allowing you to work when you want to instead of having someone tell you what time to start or finish. The money earned can be used to pay a babysitter during the day or put towards household expenses like grocery shopping and other bills.

8. Graphic design

If you're a graphic designer with a degree from a top school and you've paid your dues, the future is yours. In fact, it's so bright that I'm going to tell you about my top recommendations for starting a graphic design business in 2021.

First, get good at designing logos. The work you'll be doing will be mostly creating brand identities for companies, so it's important for them to have recognizable images to get their customers' attention. That means that your logo designs need to stand on their own without being associated with anything else in particular—and they better stand out next to any other logos they might share space with in order to make an impact on visitors' eyes.

Second, offer proofreading services as part of your portfolio as well as consulting services related to increasing sales or improving overall quality of products or websites. You'll want some work history under your belt—a few years at least—before starting up this business; otherwise, potential employers might see your independent status as a liability not worth hiring someone who has no track record of success and could probably leave them soon after taking up the job.

Third, learn how to engineer things from scratch using computer software and start building websites from scratch using one of the many modern web development apps available today instead of hiring someone else to do it for you (or worse yet, try making something yourself but end up messing it all up).

Fourth: network aggressively via social media networks like LinkedIn and Twitter. It's very important that people know who you are because people trust those whom they know personally or professionally more than those whom they don't know personally or professionally; same goes for businesses that want customers but don't have time themselves to deal with every potential customer who contacts them.[

9. Virtual assistant

A virtual assistant is a person who provides administrative support to clients from a home office. The work is done remotely and the hours are flexible, which means you can be a full-time or part-time remote worker. Virtual assistants offers services like scheduling appointments, managing social media accounts and email marketing.

  • Skills required: To become a virtual assistant, knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite, Zoom, Skype and Google calendars are essential. Marketing experience is an extra asset as well as knowledge of WordPress, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and graphic design software.

  • How to get started: If you want to begin your own business as a virtual assistant it requires little investment and success depends on how much time you spend networking and promoting yourself online. As the job market becomes more competitive it’s important that you develop your skills as well as build up a positive reputation.

  • Benefits: Starting your own business comes with many benefits such as flexibility of hours, variety of assignments (if you do decide to take on more than one client), building long-term relationships with clients that result in recurring income and finally having control over your career path.

10. Web developer or web design shop owner

A web developer is someone who builds a website from the ground up. That means knowing how to design it, create the necessary functionality, and ultimately, how to get it up on the web for people to access it.

Some of your skills will be technical and some will be more "soft." For example, you'll need to know HTML, CSS and Javascript. But you'll also need experience with user experience (UX) design.

Other skills that are highly valuable include Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator skills, automation tools like Zapier or IFTTT and email marketing platforms like MailChimp or AWeber.

As a web developer you can earn anywhere from $50-100 an hour depending on your level of skill and experience. And once you've built one site for a client, they often want more — whether they're other sites they own or ones they maintain for their clients. So in addition to having expertise with building websites, you should also have marketing skills so you can promote yourself as well as any products or services you build into your websites on behalf of your clients.

The businesses on this list are all good business to start with minimal upfront investment

Whether you've been at your job for a long time and are looking for a career change, have lost your job due to the COVID-19 pandemic, or have simply always dreamed of starting your own business, now may be an ideal time to follow your entrepreneurial dreams. This year could be the year that you turn a great idea into reality.

However, the idea isn't everything — funding is also important. It can take thousands of dollars to start up some businesses. However, if you're short on capital right now, don't give up on your dream just yet: We've compiled this list of low-cost business ideas that will help you get started with minimal upfront investment.

If this list has inspired you to launch one of these low-cost businesses in 2021 or beyond, consider taking advantage of Small Business Saturday on November 30th by offering promotions or incentives to attract new customers and boost sales.

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